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The sizing chart below is 96% accurate. Our shirts are meant to fall halfway between the belt and the bottom of the zipper +/- 1 inch, allowing the front pockets to be partially exposed.  Since people are built differently we have developed an innovative approach to sizing. Please familiarize yourself with the sizing table below.  Remember: these are just recommendations.  If the size you order does not fit - fear not...we'll simply try another size (and let us worry about shipping).

NOTE ON REGULAR FIT: Our regular fit shirts are slightly more fitted than a traditional regular fit.

NOTE ON SLIM FIT:  Our slim fit shirts are 1" narrower in the chest and 1 1/2" slimmer through the waist than the regular fit shirt...meaning, it's meant for those who have a slender build.   


We do not pre-shrink our shirts.  Why?  Because this allows YOU more FLEXIBILITY in getting that perfect fit.  So try your shirt on before washing.  If it fits, then either hang dry or dry clean (you choose).  If the shirt feels a little bigger than you’d prefer (or you’d like it slightly shorter) then simply wash and machine dry and voila!  If too small, consider a larger size.  The general ‘rules of thumb’ around shirt shrinkage are as follows:


1. Dry-clean: Minimal (to no) shrinkage - you'll hardly notice!

2. Machine wash (cold) / Hang Dry: Shirt will shrink ever so slightly

3. Machine wash (warm) / tumble dry: Shirt will shrink ~0.75 inches in length and width...basically 1/2 size.