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Sizing - Finally! Shirts designed to be worn untucked

How to choose your sizing & fit

Since people are built differently we have developed an innovative approach to sizing based on height and weight.  While this chart is 95% accurate, there are exceptions.  Don't worry if your order does not fit - we'll simply get you another size (again, no cost for any returns or exchanges!).  Although our shirts tend to run on the slim side of average, you will typically find you are the same size as you are in other brands. 

Men’s Sizing & Fit Chart

Regular Fit: Our shirts run on the smaller side of average. Use the sizing chart as a guide, but please contact us any questions.

Slim Fit - The slim fit is one inch narrower in the chest and two inches narrower in the waist. It's made for, well, slim people.

As with any other shirt made with high-end fabric, your shirt will require a little TLC when it comes to cleaning.  We recommend washing shirts in cold water and drying on ‘delicate’.  However, if you want to see a little additional shrinkage i.e., it’s a little too long, etc. then simply wash in hot water and use a high-heat dry the first time you clean the shirt.  The general washing guidelines are as follows:

1. Dry-clean: Negligible shrinkage

2. Machine wash (cold) / Machine dry (delicate) or Hang dry: Shirt will shrink ever so slightly 

3. Machine wash (hot) / machine dry (normal)Shirt should shrink ¼ - ½ inch in length and around ¼ - ½ a size from a fit perspective