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We started UNTUCKit in 2011 because we realized we weren't the only ones who struggle to find casual shirts that look good when left untucked. The fact is that most shirts are just too long or too bulky.  It's such a simple look that's been done such little justice.  If you don't believe us, just look around.  It really shouldn't be this difficult; but it is...and it is reaching 'fashion epidemic' proportions!


So we decided to launch our own shirting company, marketed exclusively for those who wear their shirts untucked. One whose corporate mission is to design the ideal shirt for the untucked person; designed to fall at the perfect length and fit as if bespoke. And that's what we've done.  Let the fight against the man-dress wage on! 


So go ahead...UNTUCKit.



-- UNTUCKit Fashion Team