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We started UNTUCKit because we realized there were literally millions of men who struggled like we did to find casual shirts that looked good untucked.  Most shirts are too long, too bulky or (cringe) square bottom.  If you don't believe us, look around.  It shouldn't be this difficult; but it is.  We did an insane amount of research and learned 3 important things:

First, shirt length was the #1 problem for guys who wear their shirts untucked.  It wasn't just me, and it wasn't just my friends...this was pervasive

Second, there is a perfect length for the untucked shirt.  An overwhelming majority of men and women want that untucked shirt to fall well over the belt but to keep a portion of the pant pocket exposed.  This established the zone of acceptable length.

Third, of the 100+ shirts we tried on, not a single one fell into this “zone of acceptable length”.  Unless you're really tall and thin, you are going to struggle to find a good fit.

So we decided to start our own company, marketed exclusively for men who wear their shirts untucked. We would design the perfect shirt for the untucked man; scientifically and stylistically designed to look better. And so that’s what we've done.

Thank you for visiting us and happy shopping.

Chris Riccobono